What Is The Healthy Vending Machine.

A machine that is like a mini shop but without a shopkeeper rather the mini shop is designed to be automated and it consists of various type of snacks, beverages, lottery tickets and even cigarettes. The consumers for this machine either pay in the form of a credit cards or cash. In some machines there are especially designed cards in which consumer loads the credit and through which the consumer can buy different items present in the vending machine. 

Usually an ordinary snack vending machines for sale is known for its unhealthy snacks such as chocolate bars, chips and soft drinks. Some of the very common items are snicker bar, parmesan cheese chips M&M’s. all of these snacks are heavy in calories and are considered to be junk food. But from past some it has been proved that junk foods have very adverse effects on health therefore vending machines have changed their product range from junk foods to healthy foods and the machines having healthy food items are known as healthy vending machines. The top items of a healthy vending machine are herb pita and pop chips having around 100 calories.  

Talking about a little history of vending machines the vending machines. London is the birthplace of the vending machines. In around 1880 the first vending machine started to operate in London, England. It was a simple machine that accepted only coins as the payment method. In no time after it was invented, it gained immense popularity and people started to use these in different fields for different purposes such as in medicals, for keeping newspapers, dispensing envelops and postcards. In 1893 the vending machine was used by some person to sell the chocolates. Soon after that this trend got other’s attention as well and people started to use it for selling various snacks. However, the concept of vending machine came to US in 1888 and the first vending machine in USA was used for the purpose of selling chewing gums and it was placed in the New York city train platform.  

Since the nutritionists now tell that snacks and junk foods are one of the major reasons that people are getting fat every day. Therefore, they have provided the manufacturers with the idea of healthy vending machines. If a vending machine could consist of fresh fruits, yogurt and rice cakes then it would certainly help in changing people’s eating habits. However, these items are not yet part of vending machines but soon these items are expected to come. machine-vending